St John Missionary Baptist Falkland

Pastor Ernest L Simons

Core Beliefs

  1. That Jesus Christ is the Son of God 
  2. Salvation is by our belief and confession in Jesus
  3. That all have sinned and come short of the glory of God
  4. By the foolishness of preaching man must be saved
  5. There is indeed an eternal home for those who believe
  6. That Jesus arose from the grave
  7. That he is coming back again 

Core Values

  1. That we are all precious in the eyes of God
  2. That we are all have our appointed place in kingdom building
  3. God’s house and hold it in reverence 
  4. The love that we have for one another
  5. The sanctity of marriage
  6. The gift of salvation
  7. The gift of God’s grace